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From Bruges, you can easily reach Brussels by car (100 km) or train (direct connection, 1 hour).

Brussels is the capital of Flanders, Europe and of the Kingdom of Belgium. King Filip I and Queen Mathilde have their official residence in the Royal Palace, in the centre of town and their private residence in the Royal Palace in Laken.

Brussels is a vibrant metropole with beautiful palaces, parks and monuments. It is also the city of Horta (Art Nouveau), of the painter Magritte (surrealism), Tintin (Hergé) and Breughel.

Brussels has a unique Market Square with a Town Hall from the 15th century. A visit to ‘Manneken Pis’ is not be missed. He's the most famous citizen of the capital! Around the Market Square there are a lot of nice restaurants and many museums, such as: the Museum of Fine Arts, Ancient Art, Modern Art and the Flemish Parliament. The antiques district the Zavel, is a must.

Just outside the city centre you can admire the Atomium, built for the Expo '58, the World's Fair in Brussels. It is a steel construction, consisting of 9 spheres representing an iron crystal magnified 150 billion times.

The European district is situated around the Schumannplein. This is the seat of the European Commission and the Council of the European Union. If there's some time left for shopping, the Avenue Louise is not to be missed. The shops of international designers are concentrated in and around this famous street.

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